Beyoncé posed completely naked for the cover of her new album: what fans didn’t like (Photo)

Beyoncé is gearing up to unveil her new album, the promotion of which has been even louder than the tracks themselves will be now (after announcing that Queen B is now a country singer, she stated in one of the commercials during the 2024 Super Bowl, which was discussed literally worldwide). The cover was decided to be made completely contrary to the typical country performers’ style, and for the cover, Beyoncé posed completely naked, covering all intimate parts with just a ribbon bearing the inscription Act ii BEYINCÉ.

Fans didn’t quite appreciate the creativity. In their opinion, the pop diva has exhausted ideas to the extent that she found nothing better than to undress. Moreover, on the cover of the album, which symbolizes a new branch of her musical career for the singer, such a photo, fans say, looks extremely inappropriate.

Фото: Инстаграм (запрещен в РФ) @beyonce

«Before, she was so cool and ruled prime time whenever she performed. Now she has to undress to sing,» «Sorry, but this is not the country music we’re used to…», «Will country fans be interested in her music if she’s not going to wear clothes now?» — readers of the Daily Mail commented.

Additionally, many noticed that the photo looks heavily photoshopped. And against the backdrop of the recent scandal with Kate Middleton, the public now reacts very sensitively to overly edited photos.

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