Kylie Jenner showcased her toned figure

Kylie Jenner showcased her toned figure in a new video on Instagram. In the video, Kylie, dressed in an outfit from her brand Khy, applies makeup using products from her successful brand Kylie Cosmetics. (70).jpg (82 KB)

She wore a beige cropped top priced at $65 with a cutout on the right shoulder, paired with snug-fitting pants costing $80, made from the same mesh material and in the same color. (44)-1.jpg (105 KB)

Both designs are part of her recent Drop 004 collection. Kylie complemented the look with elegant gold earrings and a set of bracelets on her right wrist. (26)-1.jpg (94 KB) (23).jpg (53 KB)

In a previous interview with the New York Times, Kylie discussed how her style has changed after the birth of her second child. ‘I don’t have that thick hair down to my butt, I don’t have eyelash extensions, I don’t have those long nails,’ Kylie told the publication. ‘After having a baby, it took me some time to feel like myself again. Then you get your body back and realize that trends have changed.’ (10).jpg (89 KB)

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