The carrier pigeon brought you a lovely letter from the future. Choose the one you like and know what to expect in the next 3 days

Pigeon #1: Surplus

You are a person of considerable strength, endowed with success. Yes, sometimes you encounter difficulties that make you doubt your own abilities, but do not let anyone influence your true worth or spoil your plans. Inside you resides a strength that will help you achieve your goals. Love life and savor every moment. Believe in the best, and it will surely come into your life.

Pigeon #2: Power

Love for the world around you is considered your true strength. You are a very compassionate person and get along well with others. This will help you achieve much more than you initially hoped for. Be more decisive; you will surely get what you deserve. Do not give up, and do not rush events. Everything will happen in due time. Do not lose hope; keep fighting for your dream. The universe is ready to give you everything you ask for.

Pigeon #3: Hope

By nature, you are a very kind and generous person, always doing a lot for others and ready to help anyone in need. Now is the time to reap the rewards for your efforts. Good things and pleasant events will come into your life, but for this, you must allow the Universe to reward you. Feel that you deserve love, success, and happiness.

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