«Kim Kardashian takes a break»: what the model with the biggest curves looks like

Nowadays, not slender models, but girls with curvy figures are quite popular on the internet, and sometimes it escalates into an unhealthy body image.

Instagram blogger, named Samantha, can indeed boast such curves—especially from the waist down.

The girl often posts photos in outfits that highlight her incredibly voluptuous bottom and slender waist compared to the rest.

Many fans of this girl believe that she looks much more interesting than Kim Kardashian herself — they compare them by figure and volumes, although their body types are almost identical.

It is worth noting that this girl earns not only through Instagram blogging and posing in figure-enhancing clothing but also without it on a particular website — where she is closely followed by especially devoted fans. Of course, some are uneasy about this other side of blogging, but not all of them unfollow and condemn her for it.

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