Tom Cruise has split up with the Russian socialite because of her former oligarch husband.

Tom Cruise broke up with the Russian socialite Elsina Khayrova to avoid problems with her ex-husband, an oligarch.

After news surfaced of Cruise dating Elsina, her ex-husband Dmitry Zetkov gave a lengthy interview to the Daily Mail, where he detailed their marriage and warned Cruise to «keep his eyes and wallet wide open.»

A source reported that the article had troubled Cruise’s team.

«He’s working and can’t do this every few weeks when her ex-husband says something,» the source told Page Six. «They just didn’t want to deal with an ex-husband who said something unpleasant every few weeks.»

Zetkov, who reportedly prefers the term «magnate» to oligarch, also unusually expressed support for Cruise during the interview, calling him his «favorite actor,» claiming to have watched «Eyes Wide Shut» 30 times, and even suggested to his Hollywood producer friend that Cruise should play him in a movie about his life. «I told the producer that the only actor who could play me is Tom Cruise,» Zetkov joked in the interview with the British publication. «We’re about the same height and weight, and it would be an honor for me if that happened. I hope I will one day get to meet him to discuss this project.»

The Sun reported that Cruise and Khayrova split in late February, with a source telling the publication that «there are no hard feelings between them, and for Tom, their relationship just ran its course.»

Zetkov, who holds British citizenship, claims to have survived an assassination attempt.

In the Daily Mail article, he also revealed that he spent over $12 million on clothes and around $2.5 million on handbags for his ex-wife during their 11-year marriage. He also claimed to have lost nearly $200 million as a result of the divorce.

Their divorce made headlines internationally as it involved millions, including a mansion in Surrey, England, five London apartments, Bentley and Ferrari cars, as well as Cartier jewelry and artworks by Renoir and Chagall.

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