Ben Affleck turned out to be Jennifer Lopez’s «Achilles’ heel»: Her album «This Is Me…Now» flopped.

Ben Affleck turned out to be Jennifer Lopez’s «Achilles’ heel.» It’s believed by her former publicist, Rob Shuter, that this is the reason her new album «This Is Me…Now» failed, only reaching the 38th spot on the Billboard charts and then dropping out of the rankings altogether.

«Jennifer has always been a marketing and PR genius, but her biggest misstep is that she thinks the world is still interested in the Ben and Jennifer love story,» Shuter told The Post. «But no one cares about ‘Bennifer’ anymore. The world has moved on.»

Not only did the album flop, but J.Lo had to cancel concerts as part of her first tour in five years.

«If they’re canceling concerts for someone of her caliber, that’s bad, really bad. There are only a few people who can still fill stadiums decades later, like Bruce Springsteen or Madonna,» said a music industry insider.

Another painful blow was the reaction from residents of the Bronx, where the 54-year-old Lopez grew up, as immortalized in her 2002 hit «Jenny From the Block.» They mockingly deride her video from «This Is Me,» in which she visits a gym and says the look reminds her of «being 16 in the Bronx [and] running around the block.»

«Jennifer hasn’t had a hit since ‘On the Floor’ in 2011. The younger generation doesn’t really pay attention to her. Besides her loyal fans, no one is interested in J.Lo’s new album,» said a source familiar with the Lopez family. «The project turned out to be a complete flop.»

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