Why do Kate Middleton’s children always eat separately from their parents?

Child rearing, as is well known, is a rather individual matter. In one family, the heir will be allowed everything, while in another, one punishment will follow another. But, as it turns out, curious moments can be found even in the royal family. For example, Kate Middleton’s children eat separately from their parents. What is the reason for this tradition, you will find out in the next few minutes.

Kate Middleton’s children eat separately from their parents.

It’s no secret that monarchy comes with its own set of rules and directives, not only for the servants but also for the members of the royal family themselves. Moreover, even the youngest heirs to the throne are not exempt from these rules. And undoubtedly, there are no exceptions even for public favorites.

For example, Kate Middleton’s children eat separately from their parents. This rule is strictly adhered to not only on ordinary days but also on Christmas and other holidays. One might wonder what could be the reason for such a lack of trust in the heirs. However, there is a simple explanation for this practice within the royal family.

As former royal chef Darren McGrady confessed, princes George and Louis and princess Charlotte must first learn the «art of polite conversation.» However, it is worth noting that mastering all the nuances of polite conversation at the table is not enough. They must also grow up to the required age. «The children always ate in the nursery until they were old enough to behave properly at the dining table.»

A countless list of rules.

Moreover, according to McGrady, who worked for Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana, princes William and Harry went through similar experiences in their time. Not only did they struggle to adhere to this rule, but they also vehemently refused to eat vegetables. Therefore, the chef often had to disguise vegetables in Prince Charles’s children’s favorite dishes. However, occasionally, Lady Diana herself would disrupt the heirs’ healthy eating habits by taking the boys to McDonald’s.

The royal nursery was intended not only for nurturing the minds of the young members of the royal family but also for cultivating their tastes. The nanny always supervised the menu and ensured that they ate a balanced diet. This included not only plenty of nutritious vegetables but also introduced them to new adult dishes.

As you can see, not only the employees at the Royal Palace are required to follow countless rules, but also members of the royal family. As for separate meals for children and adults, it seems quite logical. After all, it should be noted that we’re not talking about an average family here.

It’s interesting to ponder whether you would agree to such conditions or prefer to enjoy dinner with your family in full. Be sure to share your opinion with us in the comments.

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