Fans are sounding the alarm: Cher was photographed limping out of her hotel after Thanksgiving!

Cher’s latest holiday song has captured a notable position on Billboard’s Dance/Electronic Digital Song Sales chart, where it debuted at No. 3 in October 2023.

In a recent interview, Cher emphasized that her holiday songs, including this one, are not exclusively «Christmas Christmas Christmas,» but rather exceptional compositions.

Following her participation in the annual celebration, Cher’s departure from the hotel was documented by entertainment photographer Elder Ordonez, who shared a clip on Instagram.

Dressed in an all-black outfit and matching boots, Cher gracefully made her way to the waiting car, assisted by a bodyguard.

Comments on the social media upload varied, with some concerned about Cher’s mobility. While some speculated about the impact of her footwear, others wondered about her age, with one defender highlighting Cher, pointing to her 77 years and challenging critics to consider their own agility at that age.

Acknowledging the online discussions, fans shared varying opinions, with some noting expressions of fatigue or attributing it to the natural aging process.

Despite the critical eye, several fans took the opportunity to praise Cher, highlighting her iconic status and expressing admiration for her lengthy career.

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