Scandal Again: Video with Kate Middleton Recognized as Fake

More details are emerging about the health of the Princess of Wales.

In early January, Kate Middleton underwent surgery. Official sources dryly stated that the surgical procedure was performed on the abdominal cavity. The palace clarified that the princess would not appear in public until Easter. Neither Kate nor representatives of the royal household disclosed what had happened to her. Because of this, many rumors arose. Some said that Middleton had undergone plastic surgery, while others claimed that the princess had fallen into a coma. However, there was no confirmation of these rumors, and the palace stated that it was «nonsense.» Eventually, the wife of Prince William made a statement. She recorded a video message, stating that she has cancer.

Meanwhile, there has been information in the media that the princess underwent a hysterectomy, which is the removal of the uterus, and is suffering from colon cancer. The Princess of Wales is undergoing preventive chemotherapy, which can be administered at home without hospitalization. It is also unclear why the woman had her uterus removed in this case.

However, now a scandal has erupted around the published video. Experts have seen that it may have been created using artificial intelligence. This means that the person in the video may not actually be the living princess. The last time Kate was seen was in December. Then she simply disappeared. Prince William and the children also do not appear in public, which causes dissatisfaction among the British. Since the princess is ill, it would be the right move to attend Easter service at church and pray for Kate’s health.

Now, discussions are underway online about when the princess will appear in public. Furthermore, there are speculations that she may no longer be alive, as she has not even presented a photo since December. Even the appearances with the children turned out to be fake, as they were edited from several images.

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