Strange! This photo looks like a normal family picture until you see what’s beneath mom.

Given the popularity of social media, it’s not surprising that people post a large number of photos every day. And since some are rather clever, they post photos that send shivers down your spine and sometimes take more than a moment to decipher.

Let’s take a look at some of these creepy photos and see what gives you goosebumps.

Creepy photos that take time to understand

1. Family ManCette photo d’une famille aléatoire peut sembler mignonne à première vue jusqu’à ce que vous creusiez un peu plus.

Look at the parents first, then the children, everything seems normal. But now focus on the mother’s legs, do you see the haunted eyes of a stranger? Well, we see you!

2. Who let the dog out?

Looks like an ordinary classroom.

And yet there is something really strange.

There is a DOG in the classroom. And he seems to be paying absolute attention. Maybe the course is about the “Paw-lite” theory, you know?

3. Till death do us part

A beautiful wedding scene where the bride and groom are ready to spend the rest of their lives together.

And yet there’s something really strange about the whole photo. Have you noticed? Focus on the groom’s shoes. If it’s not a cry for help, we don’t know what is.

4. Face lift

We’re pretty sure girls in bikinis had a lot of fun taking photos.

Mais il se pourrait aussi que l’éditeur de photos ait passé la meilleure journée de sa vie en retouchant tous les visages pour en faire celui de l’homme qui a photobombé la jolie photo de groupe.

5. «Say cheese»!

A group of women on the beach must be the perfect recipe for a weird photo.

Not that the photo itself is strange or that the women in the photo are strange, but if you look in the distance, you’ll see a half-drowned man (we hope not) copying the same pose.

A little joke, isn’t it? The last girl on the right really wasn’t a fan of the pose!

6. A face in a tree

Halloween is the time when all the spooky photos come out in droves. This group of friends had a lot of fun taking pictures, except when someone was looking at them.

That’s when things get really scary. You can actually see a face in a tree, which in itself looks pretty strange.

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