Created for the role of Lady Di. Who played Princess Diana in the new season of the series «The Crown»

Views of «The Crown» surged on the streaming platform Netflix after the release of the fifth season. It’s the shining moment for actress Elizabeth Debicki, who played Diana in the new season. She was already well-known before, but now she’s definitely a household name. Let’s talk about the main revelation of the new season of «The Crown» — Australian Elizabeth Debicki. They say she was born for this role, as Debicki is a spitting image of the beloved public figure. Let’s find out if it’s true that Elizabeth shares more than just physical resemblance with Diana.

What season five of «The Crown» is about

The fifth season of «The Crown» was actively discussed even before its release. Viewers anticipated that it would be quite dramatic, as the events reached the 1990s, where Princess Diana’s storyline tragically concludes. The reaction to the series, especially its recent seasons, has been mixed. Viewers notice that the creators are increasingly departing from historical accuracy. Since many living in Britain today witnessed the events depicted in the series, they can voice their opinion about it. Many have already done so, and the comments are not always pleasant. However, this doesn’t prevent fans of the show from enjoying the performances of the actors and the atmosphere created in the series.

Elizabeth Debicki is the best candidate for the role of Diana

The main star of the new season of «The Crown» has undoubtedly become Elizabeth Debicki. Interestingly, the actress never particularly noticed that she resembled Diana in any way. But when Debicki tried on the wig and changed her usual makeup a bit, everything became as clear as day.

Initially, Elizabeth wasn’t given the honor of playing Diana. She was invited to the series two years ago, but she was given a secondary role. However, when Debicki came to audition before filming, everything changed. Elizabeth walked into the room, and everyone gasped, saying, «Diana!» There was no doubt left: it was this Australian who should play the Princess of Wales in the fifth season.

Debicki considers her advantage in the role of Diana that she is not a zealous fan of the British royal family. She does not follow their news and does not choose her favorites. That’s why she played Diana with an unwashed look.

The resemblance to Diana is not only in facial features

Diana was a tall (177 cm) and slender woman. Elizabeth Debicki’s height and physique also influenced her to be the perfect candidate for the role. According to a colleague of the actress, Elizabeth previously did not always feel comfortable in her height — 182 cm. But now, after the role of Diana, that has changed: «Sometimes a role helps you figure out things about yourself.»

Elizabeth is also linked to Diana through dance. Before becoming an actress, Elizabeth Debicki was passionate about ballet. Her parents were dancers. Elizabeth calls herself a lazy ballerina because she often skipped classes. However, she still loves to watch this art form. As it is known, Princess Diana also loved dancing and even took classical choreography lessons herself. Once, Diana performed a segment from Billy Joel’s ballet for representatives of the Royal Ballet company. Her husband Charles also enjoyed watching it.

Elizabeth Debicki’s career

The role of Diana was not Elizabeth Debicki’s first significant role. After her debut in cinema, she quickly caught people’s attention. Film director Baz Luhrmann invited Elizabeth to play in the film adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s «The Great Gatsby.» Playing alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire — what could be more successful than that?

Indeed, this was a significant step for Elizabeth Debicki towards success in mainstream cinema. She began to be invited to other notable projects such as «The Man from U.N.C.L.E.», «Macbeth», «The Night Manager», «Vita and Virginia»… Concurrently, Debicki continued her work in theater, sharing the stage with Isabelle Huppert and Cate Blanchett. In recent years, one of Debicki’s most notable works has been Christopher Nolan’s thriller «Tenet». Now, Elizabeth has portrayed on screen one of the most popular women of the 20th century. Clearly, the actress’s career is on the rise.

In «The Crown,» Debicki portrays Diana during the most dramatic period of her life. It’s a challenging role because, while working on it, the actress walked a fine line, touching an exposed wire. She had to channel everything that Diana felt during this period. Critics have noted that the actress did an excellent job of capturing the British accent in the series. For Elizabeth herself, one of the most memorable moments in the series was her appearance in the «revenge dress.»

«In the end, I understood why Diana wore it. That evening, she was confident, open, and decided to take a risk. She decided she would speak for herself through fashion… It was her trump card, incredibly powerful,» reflects Elizabeth. By the way, she herself took a risk by agreeing to play the princess. But it seems the risk paid off.

Have you watched the new season of the show? Do you think Elizabeth Debicki did a good job as Lady Di?

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