«She’s a true copy of her father»: Paparazzi shared photos of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s daughter!

Even after the end of their marriage, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner continue to excel as co-parents for their children. Recently, Ben was spotted openly enjoying a day with his daughter, Seraphina, in Los Angeles. The duo was photographed happily chatting and eating together.

Dressed in a knitted sweater, brown pants, and sneakers, Ben carried five pizza boxes, sharing smiling moments with his 14-year-old daughter. Seraphina, dressed in knee-high shorts, a loose T-shirt, a plaid jacket, and sneakers, held a drink and a paper bag.

Their photos, circulating online, elicited reactions from fans, with some noting the resemblance between Seraphina and her parents.

While someone claimed she had her «mother’s real nose» but looked like her «twin» father, another fan expressed confusion.

This isn’t the first time Ben and Seraphina have been out together. In June 2023, the father-daughter duo enjoyed an informal lunch date in Santa Monica, both dressed in black-and-white attire.

Seraphina is the middle child of Ben and Jennifer, who share two other children, Violet and Samuel, from their marriage that lasted from 2005 to 2018. Despite their divorce, Ben and Jennifer have remained a united front in their children’s lives, attending events together.

In 2022, Ben married Jennifer Lopez, and the couple has recently been seen shopping together. Lopez appreciates Ben’s dedication to parenting, both to his own children and hers.

Balancing a hands-on parenting role with a career in the entertainment industry can be challenging. Ben has acknowledged the shift in priorities after becoming a father, emphasizing the importance of spending time with his children.

Despite the challenges, Ben has continued his career in film and television. He once credited George Clooney, also a dedicated father, with understanding the importance of parenthood.

Clooney sometimes allowed Ben to leave early during the filming of «The Tender Bar,» acknowledging the importance of family time, which undoubtedly meant a lot to Ben’s children.

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