Mercury is retrograde in Aries. What awaits the zodiac signs from April 4th to April 25th, 2024?

On April 4th, Mercury begins its retrograde journey in the sign of Aries, promising to bring adjustments into our lives. Astrologer Ekaterina Morozova told what awaits us in the near future.

According to the expert, Mercury is known as the planet of connections, communication, travel, negotiations, documentation, education, and information. It will be in retrograde motion until April 25th, 2024.

All these areas of life may encounter some difficulties during Mercury retrograde.

He emphasized that it is important to remember that Mercury retrograde is a time for reassessment and review of our current situation. It’s an opportunity to revisit unfinished tasks, correct mistakes, and rekindle old connections. Planning and organization will help overcome potential difficulties, maintain calmness, and patience.

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