Turkish chef Salt Bae sent hundreds of his photos to Dan Bilzerian in hopes of becoming friends with him.

According to the Daily Mail, Turkish chef Salt Bae (real name Nusret Gökçe) has been trying to befriend famous poker player Dan Bilzerian for many years.

Bilzerian shared that he always knew the chef was «weird» because he had been sending him his photos for years. He posted a screenshot of his private messages, showing Salt Bae attempting to contact him over the years. «Everyone talks about how weird this Salt Bae guy is, I’ve known this for years. What a goddamn idiot,» Bilzerian captioned the video on Instagram Stories.

It turns out that the Turkish chef had been trying to befriend Dan since 2015, sending him numerous personal photos. The video shows a huge number of photos that Dan received from Salt Bae. The fact that Dan never responded to any of his messages didn’t stop the chef from sending even more photos. The pictures ranged from topless photos of the chef to images of him with large knives next to steaks and selfies with a dog.

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