Silence is golden: «Speech fasting» is beneficial for health.

The Scottish singer Lulu practices «speech fasting» — she observes complete silence until noon. The 75-year-old singer told The Guardian that she practices this to preserve her vocal cords.

According to the publication, Lulu is «not allowed to whisper» while she is in a «state of prolonged silence.»

Although «speech fasting» is an unusual practice, The Guardian claims that it «has many benefits that are not necessarily related to singing.»

According to a 2005 study, periods of silence led to a «sharp decrease in blood pressure» in participants who practiced «speech fasting.»

Meanwhile, a 2021 study, also presented at the National Institute of Health, found that this practice helps reduce cortisol levels (the stress hormone).

Moreover, psychologist Dr. Robert N. Kraft claimed that periods of prolonged silence help a person learn to listen better.

But «speech fasting» can also have drawbacks, except for the obvious fact that you cannot clearly and quickly communicate your needs.

According to a study published in 2022, those who speak less appear less attractive, despite Kraft’s assertion that silence makes you a better listener.

And while maintaining complete silence every morning may be impractical, there may be some benefits to infrequent participation in this practice.

The Guardian claims that «speech fasting» is not just a whim of modern-day celebrities, noting that it has been practiced under various names in different cultures for centuries.

According to the publication, in Hindu philosophy, mauna — or the practice of silence — teaches that «quieting the voice helps us realize the foundation of silence, which is our true nature,» proving that silence truly is golden.

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