Elizabeth Hurley responded to rumors that Prince Harry lost his virginity with her

Actress Elizabeth Hurley dismissed rumors of an affair with Prince Harry as false.

Actress Elizabeth Hurley publicly reacted to rumors that Prince Harry lost his virginity with her. E!Online reports on this.

«It’s just ludicrous. He said, ‘She was English. She was older than me. It was in Gloucestershire.’ And they go, ‘Ah, it’s Elizabeth.’ It’s ludicrous, it’s just ridiculous. I met him once in my life, for five minutes. It’s just like saying, ‘He’s so good-looking. He’s American.’ Oh, come on, it’s Andy Cohen,» she said.

Rumors that the 57-year-old actress could be Prince Harry’s first woman arose in the media because of the memoirs of the Duke of Sussex. According to the media, in Harry’s book, he talked about his first experience: he lost his virginity at a teenage age with «a beautiful woman who was 20 years older than him and lived in the countryside.» After this information was published, social media users began to guess which woman Prince Harry was talking about. The version that this woman could be Elizabeth Hurley seemed plausible to them.

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