«How can it be?» — The heiress of Angelina Jolie announced her intention to move in with her father.

The couple of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were the epitome of perfection for a long time. Everyone considered them the ideal that couldn’t be surpassed because they were simply beautiful and perfect! But everything turned out not as good as one would have hoped. Soon enough, the couple split up.

It was extremely dismal and sad. Everyone was shocked by this because even such people stopped being together. However, it didn’t mean that the children of the couple would grow up without a father or mother. The parents made every effort to ensure that the kids felt well taken care of.

However, there were still difficulties where one of them couldn’t be close to each other.

Recently, it became known that one of the children of the famous former couple, namely Shiloh, decided to move in with their father.

It’s worth noting that the child was previously identified as a girl but decided to transition. Now, he is asking to be referred to in the masculine gender.

And recently, he stated that he would like to live with Brad. According to Angelina’s close circle, this was a heavy blow for the actress.

She was simply in despair. Nevertheless, it’s important to acknowledge that there have always been warm and strong bonds between the father and son.

It seems like this has now played a certain role. So far, no further details have been disclosed, but fans are trying to remain supportive of Jolie.

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