These color combinations in clothing will help you look stylish in spring

In spring, nature blooms, becoming colorful and bright. So, it’s time for us to add some color to our wardrobe. Here are a few examples of stylish color combinations for this spring.

Pink + beige

When paired with beige, you can even use the brightest shades of pink without looking like a Barbie doll parody. In the example, a bright pink sweater is worn with beige trousers and a beige coat. To this outfit, vibrant accessories are added – a violet scarf and an orange handbag.

Purple + swamp green

An unexpected but stylish combination. To create a bold look, swamp green should be used in a limited amount. In the example, a purple pantsuit is paired with a soft lilac loose turtleneck. An eye-catching addition to this almost monochromatic outfit would be a swamp green bag.

Cream + Orange

Another interesting and harmonious combination, soft cream paired with bright orange, allows for a feminine look. In this ensemble, ochre cropped pants are paired with a loose blouse in a rich orange color with a bow tie collar and a voluminous knitted cardigan in a light cream shade. Beige shoes and an orange bag complete the look.

Red and beige

Bright shades of red are not for everyone. However, when paired with beige, vibrant red appears more subdued, so there’s no need to worry about the outfit being too bold. In the example, bright red trousers are paired with a loose beige sweater and a long vest. The vest, also beige, is made of textured knitwear. The outfit is complemented by white-beige sneakers and a red bag.

Yellow + Caramel

Yellow is one of the trendiest colors of the season, with bright, vibrant, and sunny shades being particularly fashionable. In the example, a bright yellow sweater is paired with caramel-colored leather trousers. This combination looks very attractive. To prevent the bright yellow color of the sweater from washing out the complexion, you can add a scarf in a neutral grayish-beige color to the ensemble. The scarf is worn around the neck, which helps to «distant» the yellow color from the face. Completing this look are ankle boots with a leopard print and a black handbag.

Pear + blue

Pear — a complex color that combines green and yellow, with green predominating. It can be described as a shade of green with a slightly yellowish undertone. In the example, a loose pear-colored sweater is paired with a skirt in a rich blue color. The skirt is a wrap style, and its length is midi. The outfit is complemented by white shoes and a black bag.

Blue + beige

A fairly neutral combination that can look both strict and bright enough. To create a bright look, I recommend choosing a combination of saturated blue and light beige.

For example, take a look at how charming the ensemble of a light beige pencil skirt and a loose hoodie with a hood looks. In this ensemble, not only colors but also different styles—classic and sporty—are effectively combined. The look is complemented by sporty footwear—neutral-colored slip-on shoes with a thick white sole.

Yellow + plum

That yellow color is in fashion has already been mentioned above. Here’s another trendy combination — bright yellow — with light shades of violet, in our case — with a plum hue.

In the example, a set of straight pants in a bright yellow shade is paired with a lilac T-shirt, which is tucked in. This set is complemented by a warm, long cardigan made of dense textured material in a bright plum color. The outfit is completed with a lightweight long scarf with a floral print, as well as a brown gradient bag.

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