What to Wear with Shirts This Spring: Examples of Great Outfits

Dressing stylishly and elegantly doesn’t mean creating complex, multi-component outfits. Embrace minimalism, meaning maximum simplicity and comfort. If you’re unsure what to wear, opt for a shirt and pair it with any bottom. Making a mistake when creating such an ensemble is difficult.

Examples for inspiration

Jeans + shirt is a combination that is appropriate at all times. To make the outfit even more striking, pair the jeans with a white silk shirt. Choose a loose-fitting straight silhouette model, which looks modern and perfectly hides figure flaws. You can fully tuck the shirt into the waistband, but it’s worth doing so only if the figure is slender and there is no protruding belly. However, for a problematic figure, it’s better to partially tuck the shirt, only on one side. Complete the look with open-toe platform shoes and a white bag with dark brown accents.

This example features a combination of dark blue jeans and a shirt with a white and blue striped pattern. The shirt is tucked into the waistband, and the waist is accentuated with a white belt. The outfit is complemented with stylish accessories – leopard print pumps and an orange-colored bag.

If you like wearing tall boots, it’s better to pair them not with classic jeans or trousers, but with culottes. In this example, denim culottes are worn with a light blue shirt. The outfit is complemented with tall dark brown heeled boots and a straight-cut blazer made of fabric with a small black and white check pattern.

And here’s another striking outfit with jeans and a shirt. The jeans in this example are light blue, straight-cut with standard length. The top of the ensemble consists of a shirt made of white and light blue striped fabric and a denim jacket. The outfit is complemented with beige-pink heeled shoes and a light blue bag with black leather decor and trim.

Another simple ensemble option, this time with trousers. The trousers are in a milky chocolate shade, straight-cut with creases, and the length reaches just above the ankles. Paired with the trousers is a classic white shirt, partially tucked into the waistband of the trousers, with one side left untucked. Layered over the shirt is a knitted cardigan in a rusty color, fastened with one button.

A stylish addition to the ensemble of trousers and a shirt can be a scarf. In this example, there’s an ensemble of beige trousers and a white shirt. The trousers are high-waisted, and the shirt is tucked into the waistband of the trousers. The waistline is additionally emphasized by a belt. This minimalist look is complemented by a scarf with a bold pattern, while the shoes and sandals are chosen in muted pastel tones.

An elegant combination of a shirt with a knitted vest. In this example, there’s a loose white shirt with a slightly elongated back. Over it, a gray knitted vest with a deep V-neckline and small slits in the side seams is worn. The bottom part of the ensemble consists of gray trousers.

Another ensemble option with a sleeveless top. In this example, the shirt is also white, but the sleeveless top is of a different style. It’s a knitted model with a voluminous collar. The color of the sleeveless top is white but with a slightly yellowish undertone. The bottom part of this ensemble consists of black checked trousers.

Equally harmonious ensembles are created when combining a shirt with a skirt. In this ensemble, a classic shirt made of fabric in thin white and blue stripes is paired with a very striking semi-circle skirt with an unusual print. The combination of the restrained, classic pattern on the shirt and the unusual print on the skirt creates an interesting effect.

In this example, a skirt with a bright print is also used, but this time on a light blue background instead of a dark one. A white shirt is paired with the skirt, tucked in at the waist. The result is simple, yet elegant and stylish.

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