To fans of «Game of Thrones» or the series «Shogun» as the main release of the year

The series «Shogun» has been released, which is a remake of the eponymous 1980s series based on a novel.

The series tells the story of a seafarer who crossed the Pacific Ocean, whose ship crashed off the coast of Japan, making him the first Englishman to visit the country. Soon Adams and his assistant become samurais in the service of the shogun. The original series received numerous awards from the Golden Globe to the Emmy and was very popular in its time.

And although only 7 episodes of the modern remake have been released so far, the series has already captured the hearts of audiences and critics alike from the first episodes, with many comparing the upcoming success of «Shogun» to «Game of Thrones».

The lead role in the series was played by Hiroyuki Sanada, known for such films as «The Wolverine» and «John Wick».

High ratings and praise for the series come from several key factors. Firstly, the remake adheres to a new perspective on the hero and the events, while still preserving the original tradition. If in the original series all key events were centered around the main character, in the modern version, the storylines of other characters develop just as actively as that of the main character.

The project’s budget is of great importance, allowing for more colorful and memorable scenes. In the modern adaptation, the shots look grander and more artistic than the original. However, the studio’s capabilities allow for this.

Audience comparisons with «Game of Thrones» stem from the abundance of intrigues and political conspiracies. If in the original plot this was shown only from one side, in the modern adaptation, intrigues around power are revealed from different perspectives through multiple characters, immersing the viewer further into the tangled web of relationships.

The Japanese are masters of bloody scenes, which is well reflected in the series. Just one scene where the murderer beheads his victims and they spray blood looks as realistic as possible and makes you want to rewind and watch it again. Shocking violent scenes are not the only ones, but also panoramic shots and close-ups: images of samurai, views of Japanese landscapes, and close-ups of the faces of the heroes often capture the viewer’s entire attention. Despite the apparent visual minimalism, some frames make you stop and examine the details. Moreover, the leisurely pace of the plot allows you to do this while enjoying the frames.

The bright, fresh, and strong start of «Shogun» was so promising that ovations can be expected when the final episode is released. However, as often happens, there is a risk of fading if the focus remains solely on imagery and political intrigues.

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