And she’s almost 60 years old: Salma Hayek’s topless photo will drive anyone crazy

The star took the photo while she was on vacation on a yacht.

Salma Hayek recently celebrated her 57th birthday. The hot brunette, as if forgetting her age, posted a photo of her vacation by the sea. The star decided to consult her fans to find out what’s wrong with her image.

In the photo, the actress stands with her hand on her side. Her hair is loose, and over the swimsuit, she wears a blue vest with an elastic band under the chest. The celebrity’s charms are almost bare and about to pop out of the bodice. The push-up only emphasizes the volume of the firm beauty.

In reality, the Hollywood star’s cape is turquoise. It was about this that the sexy Mexican started a provocative conversation. But the follower didn’t want to discuss the color.

«Incredibly beautiful woman,» «This woman is ageless,» «You are so natural! It’s always a pleasure to look at you,» «Very beautiful and sexy,» «You are delightful,» the audience was flooded with compliments.»

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