My mother passed away on the very day my daughter was born. She looks so much like my mother

My name is Anya. I would like to tell you my story.

I wasn’t born into a very good family. To be more precise, into a bad one. My mother didn’t love me much and didn’t pay attention to me, didn’t care about me. She had men all the time, but my mother changed them like gloves.

For me, life was dull and hopeless. And maybe I wouldn’t be here today if she hadn’t been there: …..

As a teenager, I started drinking and smoking, I didn’t go to school, I was always in clubs. One day, when I was terribly drunk, the old nurse Ekaterina Petrovna dragged my drunk body to her house. She washed me, fed me, and in the morning, instead of lecturing me, she just asked if I wanted to live or not.

I made my decision and from that day on, my life changed. I stopped smoking and drinking, it was hard, of course, but I did it. I went to school and studied hard. Teachers and classmates didn’t take me seriously, but thanks to my new mom, I believed in myself. And I succeeded, I got in for free!

I graduated from university, found a job, got married, and got pregnant. The first person to find out was my mother.

My belly started to grow. The bigger it got, the worse my mother’s health deteriorated.

It turned out she had terminal cancer. She only had a few months to live.

I was by her side in the hardest moments, when nothing helped and she was suffering terribly. When my water broke, I couldn’t leave her. But there was no other solution. I went to the maternity ward with tears in my eyes. A few hours later, I gave birth to my child, my Catherine.

And my mom died the same day. I named my baby after my savior. In honor of that wonderful man.

And the most amazing thing is that my daughter looks so much like him… Maybe it’s true that after death, souls change bodies.

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