A simple test… Why do wallets always run out of money?

A simple test… Why do wallets constantly run out of money? Practical psychologists have prepared a test that will help you find out why your wallet constantly runs out of money. Choose the wallet you like the least and read the description of your answer. Test decryption:

Wallet 1

You don’t know how to save money and are not used to denying yourself anything. In other words, you are a big spender. In this situation, it’s best to start calculating your expenses and keep track of how much money goes into the details of your life. If the thought that this money could be more useful to you doesn’t change your behavior, then find someone to control your love for money.

Wallet 2

You are kind and cannot refuse people if they ask to borrow money. But in reality, it’s not so bad. The real problem is that you are too shy to ask someone to return the money. After all, you believe in all their «problems» and truly believe that they will return to you when they solve all their problems. And this will most likely happen when crabs whistle on the mountain.

Wallet 3

You enjoy philosophizing that money is not the most important thing in life, and that’s why you don’t keep track of your expenses. However, deep down, you are disappointed when suddenly you don’t have enough money to buy something truly important or simply to pay a bill. Face the truth and realize that much in this life depends on money; start taking them more seriously.

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