Children’s Test for Adult Minds. Time to Remember Long-Forgotten Lessons.

People in financially responsible positions are familiar with the concept of «audit». But not everyone knows that auditing needs to be periodically conducted not only in enterprises and firms, but also in our minds. The knowledge embedded in our minds since school times can also weaken under the relentless pressure of years. Our today’s test with mathematical symbols is the best way to see what remains of our memories of long-gone lessons!

Test with Mathematical Symbols. Check Yourself!

Queen of Sciences

For decades now, both teachers and scientists, as well as doctors, have been singing praises to mathematics. For the former, it is the most important skill that every student must master. For the latter, it is the queen of sciences and the foundation of foundations. And for the third, it is the perfect way to prevent numerous dreadful age-related diseases!

Experts with worldwide recognition unanimously declare: the more time each of us devotes to mathematical problems, puzzles, and brain teasers, the easier it will be for us to live in our later years. A developed and active brain is practically immune to age-related illnesses! But in order to obtain such a brain, constant exercise is necessary.

Mind Workout

In the gym, we train and develop our muscle mass by lifting weights. But such a mundane approach won’t work with our gray matter. Here, we need different, special exercises. Mathematical and logical problems, puzzles, brain teasers—these are what will replace the barbells and dumbbells for our brains! But let’s not forget about the regularity of exercises.

Fans of a healthy lifestyle will confirm: it’s necessary to exercise muscles steadily and regularly. The same goes for the brain. Spending hours every day toiling over problems, however, isn’t necessary. It’s enough to tackle a few brain teasers every two to three days. And certainly, there’s no need to immediately torture yourself with integrals and trigonometry, especially if you’re barely coping with simpler tasks!

Beginner’s Test

You should start with something interesting yet simple. Our test with mathematical symbols is the perfect option for people looking to reminisce about their school years. Your task is as follows: you need to place four mathematical symbols among five digits in such a way that the equality becomes true!

It’s worth noting right away that not every adult can immediately handle such a task. A schoolchild will figure it out easily. But for a hardworking laborer, an office clerk, or even an academic, it may take some effort at first! It’s all, as you understand, about practice. Well, most of us didn’t have such practice since childhood!

I hope we didn’t confuse you by providing four mathematical symbols at once. After all, the problem can be solved calmly with just three! The final version will look like this: 10 ÷ 5 × 6 — 4 = 8. You just need to remember the order in which arithmetic operations are typically performed, and you’re good to go. We sincerely hope you enjoyed our problem and didn’t have any trouble with it!

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