Beyoncé became the first black woman to reach the top spot on the Billboard Country Albums chart

Beyoncé has made history once again. Her latest album, «Act ll: Cowboy Carter,» topped Billboard’s Country Albums chart, making her the first black woman to top the chart since its inception in 1964.

The album also topped the Billboard 200 across all genres, becoming her eighth No. 1 album.

As a black woman giving back to country music, Beyoncé is speaking out against the stereotypical associations of the genre with white skin color.

Conversations about Beyoncé’s exploration of country music began when she arrived at this year’s Grammy Awards in a cowboy outfit, thus making a bold statement.

Then, during the Super Bowl, she released two country-inspired songs, «Texas Hold ‘Em» and «16 Carriages,» which eventually led to the release of «Cowboy Carter.»

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