Sylvester Stallone accused of insulting extras

Paramount has launched an investigation following allegations that Sylvester Stallone insulted supporting actors on the set of «King of Tulsa,» a series that airs on Paramount+.

According to CNN, citing sources, the studio is investigating the allegations, which first surfaced on social media, accusing Stallone of calling some of the actors in the cast «ugly,» a «tub of lard» and a «fat guy with a cane.»

«Bring pretty young girls to be around me,» Stallone allegedly said.

Both sources told CNN that no formal complaint was made to either Stallone or the director. They said human resources officials learned of the allegations from social media posts.

Craig Zisk, the show’s director and executive producer, told TMZ that «there were no such insults.»

The social media posts detailing the allegations, appeared in Facebook groups dedicated to the actors’ experiences on the set of «King of Tulsa,» and went viral when screenshots were posted on X by television writer Julie. Benson. Although she is not working on the movie, Benson said she learned of the allegations from a friend who works on the series as a supporting actor.

According to both sources familiar with the current situation, the matter is now being investigated through interviews with the cast and crew. Filming recently began on the second season of «King of Tulsa,» and the investigation does not change production plans in any way, one of the sources said.

Stallone and the director are continuing to work as planned.

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