Prohibited: four items the British royal family doesn’t eat

Interest in the British royal family never fades with time, yet some details remain hidden. Nevertheless, information about which products are not included in the diet of royal family members occasionally becomes available, writes the Daily Express.

It turns out there are four products they never consume. While some are excluded for safety reasons, others may seem peculiar.

The first two products that never make it onto the royal family’s table are ordinary vegetables such as onions and garlic. This rule was confirmed by Camilla herself, who admitted in 2018 that she indeed does not consume garlic.

Another product that royal family members are «prohibited» from eating is shellfish. It’s simple: they avoid shellfish during trips and various events to avoid the risk of food poisoning.

And the fourth product that was excluded from the royal family’s diet under the guidance of Charles III is foie gras. This dish, made from duck or goose liver, was removed from all menus due to its unethical origins.

King Charles’ decision was appreciated by the animal rights organization PETA. Foie gras, although considered a delicacy, is made from the livers of birds that are force-fed, sparking protests from animal rights activists.

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