Kevin Costner’s Estranged Wife’s Lavish Demands Amid Divorce Drama. You Won’t Believe How Much She’s Asking For!

The news of Kevin Costner’s unexpected divorce not only took the public by surprise but also caught the actor off guard. According to reports, his friends claim that he had no prior knowledge of his wife’s intention to leave him. Now, new details have emerged, shedding light on the ongoing situation.

Christine, Costner’s estranged wife, recently disclosed that she obtained permission to access the family’s financial records for 2022 from the shared account. Her purpose was to justify the significant amount she is requesting from Costner as child support—specifically, a staggering $248,000.

Using the profit and loss statement for 2022, Christine argues that Costner earned a total of $19,517,064 from various sources. She further states that the family’s expenses, excluding taxes, amounted to $6,645,285. Taking into account all expenses and taxes, Christine claims that the net income for the family in 2022 was $7,595,520.

To bolster her case, Christine enlisted the help of a certified public accountant (CPA) to conduct a forensic analysis of Costner’s “gross cash flow available for child support.” The CPA determined that Costner’s average monthly cash flow was approximately $1,536,808. Based on this assessment, the standard child support payment for that amount would be around $152,681 per month. However, considering the children’s accustomed lifestyle as reflected in the previous year’s expense statement, the CPA argues that the actual amount should be $248,000 per month.

In court documents, Christine acknowledges the extraordinary nature of their lifestyle and expresses her gratitude for their blessings. She emphasizes the importance of providing a warm and comfortable home for their children while teaching them family values. Despite recognizing that guideline child support based on Costner’s income in 2022 would amount to $152,681 per month, Christine contends that maintaining the children’s current lifestyle would require $332,264 per month, which constitutes 60% of their previous family expenditure.

Christine also raises concerns about her ability to move out of the family home without financial support from Kevin. While he has continued to cover their expenses since their separation, she fears that he may not continue to do so in the future. Despite her requests for an appropriate amount of child support, Kevin has not made any commitments thus far.

Additionally, the CPA suggests that Costner’s income may be even higher than calculated, as they lack complete data on all of his business interests. They express the need for tax returns, financial statements, and general ledgers pertaining to Kevin’s businesses, as well as statements for personal and business-related credit cards.

A hearing to determine child support is scheduled for the following month, and the situation appears to be growing contentious. Hopefully, both parties can reach a satisfactory resolution soon. What are your thoughts on this matter? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments and keep other Kevin Costner fans informed about his divorce.

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