Opening the summer season: Kim Kardashian shows how to wear bikinis in the metropolis.

If you’re still unsure about wearing bikinis in the city, Kim Kardashian’s latest outing will help you make the right choice. The recent sighting of the star on the streets of New York featured a simple outfit, with the main element being a black monokini.

This seemingly beach item was cleverly styled by the girl so that no one noticed anything unusual. Instead of a bodysuit, she opted for a bikini and paired it with loose-fitting Balenciaga leather pants. To add some color, the star chose bright pink pointed-toe heels. By the way, Kim is not the only one wearing bikinis in the city. This idea has long been embraced by models, including Gigi Hadid.

By the way, it became known in early April that Kim Kardashian will participate in the new season of «American Horror Story.» The reality show star shared this information on social media. However, not everyone liked the producers’ decision. «Just having brain surgery won’t be enough,» criticized Sharon Stone. But we know that Kim is not easily intimidated.

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