The kitten jumps joyfully in all directions because life on the street is now behind him!

A kind resident of New Jersey found a stray cat with kittens in his neighborhood and decided to help them.

Unfortunately, the cat simply did not survive the conditions of life on the street, and the kittens went straight to the city shelter as they were in urgent need of shelter and medical care.

The only surviving kitten, named Lenny, clung on with great determination.

When he first saw Sarah, he looked at her with his amazing eyes and sought to get her attention.

The kitten, still too weak, was trying to play and even occasionally purring.

During his stay, it was noted that Lenny was exhibiting symptoms of a neurological condition. However, this did not slow him down at all.

Lenny is determined to live life to the fullest despite his health issues.

He wants to be involved in everything and enjoys every second of his life.

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