She really looks older: Sharon Stone posted a photo in a swimsuit showcasing all her changes.

The renowned star and screen heroine Sharon Stone always manages to surprise her loyal fans with her stunning looks and demeanor. This time, she caught attention with photos in swimwear that she posted on her Instagram page. The 64-year-old beauty posed in front of a mirror and captioned it: «Why do I always get fit just when summer is over!»

Everyone wrote appreciative comments full of admiration and love for their favorite actress. Many of her famous friends also left messages. «You’re simply incredibly hot!» wrote Lisa Rinna. Another comment from Paulina Porizkova read: «Lady, you’re always in top shape to shine.»

The actress has been a familiar face for decades. And she still radiates with her fame and charm. Yet, she admits that it’s very difficult to maintain her celebrity status and the nickname «sex symbol of the ’60s.» And although she manages to keep herself in shape, it’s clear that she has already changed significantly. She looks her age.

But her fans don’t care about that. They love her and respect her for who she is, regardless of her age and appearance. And Stone herself finds it amusing and enjoyable that people still appreciate her beauty and appearance at her age.

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