Can you find three differences between the amusing pictures?

The cheerful worm and the rosy apple will entertain you for a bit while also helping you focus your attention.

We suggest taking a fun test that is effectively used in combating dementia. The task is to find 3 differences in the picture with the worm and the apple within one minute. This puzzle will help you test your attentiveness.

To be honest, when people take this attention test, they almost immediately notice 1-2 differences, but they struggle to find the third one. Some even need more than a minute to solve this task.

At first glance, the differences may not be very visible, but if you look closely, we believe you can manage it within one minute.

So, stay focused and let’s begin!

Well, how many differences did you spot in the pictures? If you didn’t find any differences or found few, then in the picture below you can see all 3 differences between these pictures.

Check yourself!

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