Kate Middleton is distancing herself from Prince William, claiming he is ‘beside himself’ over the princess’s heartbreaking choice.

In a surprising new article, RadarOnline reveals that Kate Middleton may be considering completely abandoning her royal duties.

«The first official photo of Kate Middleton was supposed to be used to celebrate Mother’s Day in the UK, but it was pulled over the weekend by a number of news outlets, claiming it had been ‘manipulated.’

Amid lingering doubts about the Duchess of Wales’s movements and health over the past two months, even though Kate later admitted to having manipulated the contentious photo herself, very few, if any, are inclined to believe the palace when it asserts that all is well.»

The insider said, ‘William is beside himself over her decision.’ He’s shocked that his wife could even consider making such a decision.»

Wow! Are you ready to accept that Kate Middleton might decide to leave her status as a member of the royal family? Let us know in the comments below.

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