«I’ve never been married for 60 years, I don’t have children, but now I’m ready for it»: Six months ago, I met a beautiful woman named Patrycja

«For 60 years I have never been married, I have no children, but now I’m ready for it»: Six months ago I met a beautiful woman named Patrycja

I have never felt old. Furthermore, I have never felt like an adult. Even though I just turned 59. So what? I still have most of my interests from my student days.

I also have old friends, our group hasn’t fallen apart like others under the influence of family obligations. I have never been married, although, honestly, women paid attention to me.

I also have money. When you live alone, you focus on finding the greatest benefits for yourself. Not to change diapers and constantly listen to your wife’s complaints. Yes, I have no children and I won’t have them. But I don’t think it’s a problem.

I’m not a king or some incredibly wise man who wants to pass on everything he has to his own children. Like 99.9 percent of people living on Earth. That’s why I don’t feel internally dissatisfied with the fact that I don’t want to leave anything behind.

Children grow up in orphanages, just like everyone else. So why don’t infertile couples rush to take at least one of them home? But I think I’m digressing. Please forgive me.

Six months ago I met a beautiful woman named Patrycja. She, like me, is single. A widow who has been in a relationship with one man all her life. At first, as she said, they were very close. Then routine, household chores. You know how it is.

Marriage became a torment. Patrycja didn’t want to have children, or rather she didn’t want her children to have such a father. But she also didn’t have the courage to leave her husband. What would relatives and neighbors say? I have always been against paying attention to someone else when making my own decisions. But people are different.

Now I think we have moved to a different stage in our relationship, which allows us to get married. Patrycja is truly a wonderful person. I wouldn’t mind living with her for the rest of my life. I have a good apartment, and her apartment can be rented out, and let her spend that money only on her whims, I have nothing against it.

However, I have one condition that I still can’t tell her. Yes, it’s about property separation. With age, we don’t become better. Neither physically nor in terms of character. And it’s the latter that worries me the most.

I can and want to provide my partner with a comfortable life, traveling together on vacations and trips. No problem. But I don’t want our relationship to be based on that. It’s just that I had the honor of meeting many women and girls in my life.

A large part of them wanted to use a man and lead a good life. And that’s really all. I realized this when I was young and became more convinced of it over time. So if my partner suddenly starts to have such views on life at some point, I don’t want her to use me.

Realizing such things at my age is personally as disgusting to me as possible. By the way, many women should understand me. No one likes it when another person starts to use you, right? That’s what it seems to me.

If we were to get divorced, it would be great if each of us had our own apartment. I don’t plan to buy a new house. I have two cars in the garage. I don’t mind paying for food and clothes.

Not because I have to, I just have the opportunity. Wouldn’t it be fair if I didn’t give half of everything I have if Patrycja changes her mind and wants to leave me? I think anything can happen. After all, she once realized that she had stopped loving her ex-husband.

Friends tell me to wait a bit, give myself a chance to get to know each other better. It doesn’t bother me. But looking at Patrycja, I started to notice that she sometimes suggests that at our age behaving like this is at least strange.

She compares us to teenagers who hide their relationship not only from their parents. Of course, I agree with her, I always joke, but every time I feel that I don’t really like it. I guess that’s what happens when your dignity is violated?

I know there are many wise people here. Some smarter than me. Maybe someone will take a moment to give sensible advice on this whole matter. I believe that Patrycja is the one. However, like any man in love, I may be wrong, which means that everything I feared and avoided all my life can now catch up with me.

So what do you do when you’re nearing 60 and you’re about to enter into a marital relationship for the first time, which would end in failure? I have no idea. So I have to start acting.

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