The true reason why Tom Cruise parted ways with the daughter of a Russian deputy has become known

American actor Tom Cruise, who recently dated Russian Elsina Khairova, abruptly ended their relationship, as reported by Page Six.

Earlier, after several months of dating, the actor purportedly «cooled off» towards his 25-year-younger passion, but new details of the true reason for the breakup emerged. According to reports, this was influenced by Elsina’s ex-husband — Russian millionaire Dmitry Tsvetkov. The man constantly emphasized that the girl loves money, so Tom should be cautious and keep his wallet.

The actor’s team was puzzled by such statements from Elsina’s ex-lover. Therefore, to avoid constant criticism of Cruise, they advised him not to become a topic of discussion among Russians.

«They simply didn’t want to deal with the former Russian husband, who said something unpleasant every few weeks,» an insider said.

Elsina Khairova is the daughter of Russian deputy Rinat Khairov. According to rumors, she met Tom Cruise in December last year at a party in Mayfair. Then the couple began to appear together at social events in London, but they did not officially comment on their relationship. Later, there was information that the actor regularly stayed overnight at Elsina’s and even met her children from a previous marriage. But since the end of February, the couple has not been together.

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