Incomparable Monica Bellucci assures that she has come to terms with aging

Monica Bellucci makes hearts race by showcasing her incredible figure on the cover of the May issue of Elle Spain. - 2024-04-18T210029.548.jpg (122 KB)

In an interview with the publication, the 59-year-old Monica assured that she has come to terms with aging. «I am like everyone else: I tell myself that it is useless to fight against what is stronger than me. Biological age has consequences: we no longer enjoy the advantages of youth. There is a physical, natural transformation, and there comes a moment when you have to accept it. It is important to continue feeling good and doing what I like and what stimulates me.» (94).jpg (53 KB)

Despite being known for her incredible beauty, Monica insisted that her success is not only about her looks. «I am 59 years old and I am still working, so I don’t think it’s just about beauty. The initial curiosity will wane if there is nothing else behind it.» (66).jpg (80 KB)

She admitted that she prefers wine, pasta, and occasional Pilates sessions to grueling workouts and restrictive diets. «I’m not obsessed. I’ve always been a woman with voluptuous curves and I’ve never been thin, that’s my nature. And I want to age gracefully. When you’re 50 or 60, your needs are not the same as when you’re in your 20s.» (52).jpg (142 KB)

She touched on the traditional trend in the film industry of ignoring women over a certain age. (30).jpg (115 KB)

«Today we have the freedom to express our femininity as we want. I change over time, I evolve. From a girl you become a young woman, a mother, a mature woman… From a cinematic point of view, at 50 I appeared in two films — ‘On the Milky Road’ by Emir Kusturica and ‘The Ghost’ by Sam Mendes. These directors gave me dynamic roles and the opportunity to cross the bridge of 50, which is not easy for an actress.»

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