In the British monarchy, there’s turmoil: sad news has arrived from Prince Harry

Passions around the British royal family are only intensifying. No sooner had the news about the monarch and Kate Middleton’s cancer subsided, than Prince Harry suddenly reminded himself.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been living outside the United Kingdom for several years now: first in Canada, and then in the United States. Behind the scenes, their departure from Britain is attributed to Queen Elizabeth II’s dissatisfaction, who in December 2019, before the Christmas broadcast, even asked to remove the photo of Harry and Meghan from the table. This dissatisfaction was allegedly caused by the younger grandson’s desire to spend Christmas not with his monarch grandmother, but with Meghan’s mother.

But it was precisely after the Queen’s Christmas address that the spouses decided to leave for the United States. According to the authors of the book «Finding Freedom,» Carolyn Durand and Omid Scobie:

«Harry understood that he and Meghan were being pushed into the background. And they are no longer an important part of the future of the British monarchy.»

A more official version of Prince Harry’s departure with his family is financial independence from the royal family. And for this, they even had to renounce their titles and the use of «Your Royal Highness.»

But in any case, the rupture of family relations was not easy. In particular, Prince Harry was once hurt by the demand from Charles III to leave the cottage where he was living with Meghan. And he and his brother William did not see eye to eye – they even had a fight over the future Duchess of Sussex. In other words, both sides were offended.

However, the prince later reconciled with his family – and revealed many secrets of the royal family publicly. Moreover, he has criticized the monarchy more than once, forgetting that he is part of it.

And now Prince Harry has decided to put a bold «period» in the relationship – and officially confirmed his American residency. This was reported by the Associated Press. According to the agency, the tourist company, which is 75% owned by Harry, has filed documents to inform the British authorities about the prince’s permanent residence in the United States.

As reported by The Guardian, the duke’s decision not only distances him from his family but also from the throne. The thing is, despite the move, Prince Harry was still listed as a state counselor, which gave him the right to act as the reigning monarch’s substitute if necessary. For example, in case of his illness.

But for this, the state counselor must permanently reside in the United Kingdom. And since Prince Harry does not meet this criterion, Charles III will have to «remove» him from the position of royal deputy. However, this will require the participation of parliament. And Harry himself cannot resign. So there will be many troubles in the family ahead.

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