«She’s not the same anymore!»: 65-year-old Sharon Stone dared to show her photos without makeup!

The famous American actress Sharon Stone recently celebrated her 65th birthday, and to everyone’s surprise, she showcased her timeless beauty in unfiltered photos, proudly embracing her age.

Despite the admiration of some fans who praised her courage, the online community was divided in their reactions. While some showered her with compliments like «What a beauty» and expressed gratitude for her bravery, others were critical, suggesting that age had taken its toll on Sharon’s appearance.

This sparked a lively debate among internet users, with contrasting opinions on whether Sharon had maintained her charm or had changed.

The actress, seemingly unfazed by all the comments, continues to defy stereotypes about age, sparking discussions on the internet about beauty, aging, and societal expectations.

What do you think of Sharon Stone’s unfiltered revelation?

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