«How did Prince Harry support the sick Kate Middleton, and what did she respond?»

As it became known recently, royal experts are increasingly confident that Prince Harry is returning home. This could happen at any moment. The reason for this is, oddly enough, the illness of Kate Middleton. Why exactly an illness could change the mood in the royal family and what is currently known about Meghan Markle’s fate, you will find out with us in the next few minutes.

There would be no happiness, but for misfortune’s help

Arguably, it can boldly be stated that Kate Middleton’s unexpected revelation about her diagnosis seriously changed the atmosphere in the royal family. After all, agree, few remain indifferent to the fate of the Princess of Wales to this day. What’s more, even the scandalously famous Sussexes have decided to take the first steps towards reconciliation. And perhaps the latter fact carries not only sympathy but something more.

The thing is, for Kate herself, words of support from Prince Harry hold special significance. As it is known, it was with her spouse’s younger brother that the princess managed to bond even before her marriage to William. Moreover, they have always supported each other in difficult times. But, undoubtedly, the marriage to Meghan Markle put an end to this relationship.

Looking from the outside, one might think that Harry never loved his family, let alone his brother and his spouse. Unfortunately, according to royal experts, the separation from Kate was a serious blow for him. «It’s as if he lost his mother all over again.» Middleton was almost like an older sister to him. And the news about her diagnosis was a real shock for the Duke of Sussex.

Prince Harry is returning home

Without dwelling on old grievances, misunderstandings, and scandals, Kate and Harry have begun communicating again. The prince regularly tries to send encouraging messages to his sister-in-law and even calls her. It may seem that for the Princess of Wales, her husband’s younger brother has long been a thing of the past. However, insiders assure that Middleton is incredibly happy about the renewal of their communication.

At the same time, what is noteworthy is that in these conversations, one important detail often comes up. It is mentioned that the doors of the Princess of Wales’s home are always open to her husband’s younger brother. As a result, insiders from the royal palace are confident that Prince Harry is returning home. Of course, this will happen gradually.

It’s unlikely that Prince William has forgiven his brother after so many interviews and autobiographies. But all conflicts can be resolved if Kate serves as a mediator between them. As for Meghan Markle, insiders don’t mention her. Therefore, one could conclude that the scandalous actress is still not welcome at the court.

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