Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is tired of her parents’ arguments. She is asking them to reconcile for her 18th birthday

As it became known, Shiloh has called on her parents to reconcile. According to insiders, this is due to the birthday of Jolie and Pitt’s daughter. However, it is still unknown whether the celebrity couple’s daughter will change their heated relationship. Details will be revealed in the next couple of minutes.

Shiloh called on her parents to reconcile

It’s no secret that on May 27, 2024, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt will come of age. Interestingly, during the scandalous flight from France to Los Angeles, the girl was only 10 years old. And for almost half of her life, her parents have been fighting legal battles both for custody of the children and for the fate of the Miraval vineyard. By the way, after her birthday, the actors’ daughter intends to move in with her father and his new partner.

However, the eternal quarrels of the parents have seriously tired the girl. According to insiders, Shiloh has called on her parents to reconcile on the occasion of her coming of age. «Previously, Shiloh kept silent about it. But now she is taking a certain position and telling both of them that they need to sort out their relationship and mature,» sources close to Angelina Jolie say.

According to insiders, the celebrity heir is so tired of Angelina and Brad’s constant legal battles that she literally demands a truce. Undoubtedly, it’s not about any love. But, in Shiloh’s opinion, the actors should at least «be polite to each other.» «She begs them to do it for her,» the insiders claim.

«She wants to destroy him.»

It is worth reminding that after the scandalous flight in 2016, family harmony was shattered in just one moment. Thus, Angelina Jolie accused her husband of domestic violence against her and their children. Therefore, the actress spent many years fighting to prevent the children (both biological and adopted) from having the opportunity to see Pitt.

And partially she even succeeded. For example, recently Brad stopped fighting for custody rights. After all, Maddox, Pax, and Zahara have already come of age. However, notably, this trio is not particularly eager to re-establish communication with their adoptive father. One of them openly called the parent «a world-class jerk.» Moreover, all three of them have refused to use Pitt’s last name.

According to insiders, Angelina herself played a significant role in this. After all, even today, she has no intention of forgiving her ex-husband, diligently preparing for every court hearing. «People say that Angie doesn’t want to see Brad happy and won’t stop until she destroys him,» sources claim, hinting at Pitt’s career and new relationships. But will Shiloh be able to bury the hatchet of parental war even for one day? Perhaps, the question is rhetorical.

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