David Beckham has filed a lawsuit against actor Mark Wahlberg, demanding $10 million in compensation

David Beckham has filed a lawsuit against actor Mark Wahlberg and the founders of F45, alleging fraudulent activities related to a deal with the fitness brand, which caused him to lose $10.5 million in profits.

Initially, Beckham teamed up with golf legend Greg Norman to sue F45, but the judge advised them to file separate lawsuits.

David Beckham Ventures Ltd [DBVL], the former football star’s company, claims that Mark Wahlberg’s investment firm, Mark Wahlberg Investment Group [MWIG], along with F45’s founders Adam Gilchrist and Rob Deutsch, «duped» Beckham into becoming a global ambassador for F45 in 2020.

According to The Sun, DB Ventures Ltd claims that F45 shares were promised to Beckham’s firm in early 2022 as part of the deal. However, Beckham suffered significant financial losses when the promised shares were not provided until their value dropped from about $12 to $3 per share. His legal team claims that this delay cost him potential profits of up to $10.5 million.

In response, Wahlberg and F45 have denied allegations of «fraudulent behavior» and are seeking to dismiss the lawsuit, claiming that DB Ventures Ltd is evading responsibility.

According to DailyMail, Beckham’s company had previously demanded compensation from F45 in the amount of $18.85 million. However, the new lawsuit seeks compensation directly from Mark Wahlberg Investment Group and the creators of F45, Rob Deutsch and Adam Gilchrist.

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