Paris Hilton has revealed details about her little daughter for the first time

The socialite opened up about the personality of her five-month-old heiress.

Hollywood star Paris Hilton is raising two children, both born via surrogates. In January of last year, Paris and her husband Carter Reum became parents for the first time. Baby Phoenix came into the world. And at the end of last year, the star revealed that Phoenix had a little sister, whom she named after her favorite city — London. «I chose London because it’s one of my favorite cities in the world. Ever since I was a little girl, I always dreamed of having a little daughter named London. It’s a beautiful and unique name,» she said.

The socialite recently made her first comment about her little daughter. During her podcast, the singer admitted that her heiress is only five months old, but her character has already been determined. «Although London is so little, I can already tell she’s very serious and gentle! She reminds me a lot of my sister Nicky,» says Paris. The artist looked at childhood photos of her sister and was amazed at how much her daughter resembles her. The singer claims that the resemblance goes beyond just appearance. London has inherited her aunt’s character as well.

But what brings Paris immense joy is that little London and Phoenix already have warm and tender relationships. The older brother doesn’t leave the girl’s side and rocks the cradle when London sleeps. Hilton says that the baby girl adores her brother—whenever she sees Phoenix, she immediately brightens up, laughs, and smiles. The woman believes that such close relationships have formed between them, and the children easily connected due to the small age difference.

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