Men with beards are more attractive: And Mark Zuckerberg is proof of that

Men with beards are more attractive. The edited photo of Mark Zuckerberg with a slight tan and stubble broke the Internet over the weekend, prompting the question: why are men with facial hair so cool?

«On this photo, he transformed from a loser into a hunk,» stated HuffPost’s Nnenna B., a content creator from New York.

Meanwhile, actress Crystal Laster told the publication that the beard made the founder and CEO of Meta much more attractive. She admitted that she reevaluated her views on men she had previously rejected after they grew a beard.

A 2016 study showed that men with light and dense stubble are perceived as more attractive than their clean-shaven peers. The survey, which polled over 8,500 women, found that they preferred men with some hair on their faces.

«Perhaps this is because it gives the face more definition in the jawline and enhances the perception of age and masculinity,» said HuffPost research author Barnaby Dixon.

According to the study, a 10-day stubble is more preferable, while a gray, overgrown beard is not as attractive, which is likely due to «hygienic effort in care, which women are oriented towards.» Not to mention that men’s beards contain more bacteria than dog fur or even a toilet seat.

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