Arnold Schwarzenegger about some nuances of Sylvester Stallone’s unique style.

Arnold Schwarzenegger talked about some nuances of his opponent-turned-friend Sylvester Stallone’s unique style. In the show «TMZ Presents Arnold & Sly: Rivals, Friends, Icons,» it was shown how the former rivals are alike yet entirely different at the same time.

Schwarzenegger joked that the only obvious difference between them was their manner of dress. «I guarantee you this jacket is $10,000, it’s David August or somebody else,» Schwarzenegger said, admiring Stallone’s bright blue jacket compared to his old leather jacket.

Stallone is known for his meticulously tailored suits.

Schwarzenegger also noted that while Stallone wore alligator skin loafers, he himself put on his «old cowboy boots.»

But the conversation about fashion didn’t end there. After completing part of the interview, Schwarzenegger and Stallone met with their teams outside the studio, and the former California governor asked if he guessed the designer correctly.

«Let me see if it’s really David August,» Schwarzenegger said. As it turned out, Schwarzenegger was right about the designer, which caused a lot of laughter.

«Sly’s clothes are better than mine,» noted Stallone’s wife Jennifer. «Better than all of us,» Schwarzenegger said before going on to talk about how Stallone wears his shirts.

He recounted his visit to Stallone on the set, where «Rocky» expressed his disdain for Schwarzenegger’s wrinkled clothes. «He says, ‘Arnold, I don’t like when you have baggy shirts.'» Schwarzenegger asked how he could fix his fashion faux pas. «He (Stallone) goes into his wardrobe in his trailer and pulls up his pants,» Schwarzenegger recalled. «His shirt has something that goes under the crotch [in the back], so the shirt doesn’t come out of the pants. It was like a diaper! So, the shirt sticks to the body. Because God forbid you’re shooting a movie, and there’s a wrinkle on the shirt,» Schwarzenegger continued. «As if it’s unnatural.»

Stallone laughed, telling his former rival, «Magic is in the details, buddy.»

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