Why does Victoria Beckham look much younger than her age?

As you probably know, not long ago, David Beckham’s wife celebrated her birthday. The businesswoman marked her fiftieth anniversary. And, perhaps, it’s hard to believe that a mother of many children can look so perfect at her age. But what is Victoria Beckham’s beauty secret? You will find out the answer to this question with us in the next few minutes.

Victoria Beckham’s beauty secret


Perhaps one of the tricks former Spice Girls member Victoria Beckham has to resort to is her special diet. For many years now, Victoria Beckham has been eating trout, vegetables, fruits, legumes, and citrus fruits. You won’t find any dairy, sugar, or animal-derived cheeses in the designer’s diet.

What’s interesting is that even David is amazed by his wife’s discipline. In one of his recent interviews, the former captain of the English national team admitted that Victoria has been eating the same thing for 25 years. «Since we met, she has been eating only grilled fish and steamed vegetables every day. She’s very particular about her food. Most of the time, her dishes are prepared without sauces and oil.»


But of course, relying solely on diet won’t cut it. That’s why you can often find Victoria Beckham working out. For the designer, workouts are as essential as brushing her teeth in the morning. She starts her day with a brisk walk or a run uphill. Then, according to her schedule, she does exercises with weights and bands. And she does this for two hours, six days a week. Perhaps the results speak for themselves, quite literally, don’t they?


While it’s worth admitting, one of Victoria Beckham’s beauty secrets lies in proper skincare. You see, the designer herself has confessed on numerous occasions that moisturizing the skin is a fundamental step in her self-care routine. David’s wife not only never skips this procedure but can also repeat it throughout the day.

Needless to say, Victoria never boards a plane without a bag full of serums and creams. «I apply makeup. Then, I add moisturizer to refresh it. This way, my makeup doesn’t look cakey; instead, it looks fresh and radiant because of the cream.»

Undoubtedly, anyone who follows Victoria Beckham’s life knows that she’s also a fan of microneedling. This cosmetic procedure involves stimulating skin regeneration and introducing various rejuvenating agents using a bundle of fine needles. And judging by the designer, this method is clearly effective. After all, at 50, she has hardly any wrinkles on her face, and her skin itself is smooth and firm.


The latest beauty trick of the former Spice Girls member is women’s health vitamins. These include collagen, fish oil, magnesium, zinc, and even vitamin C. However, it’s worth noting that Victoria’s main secret lies not in all of the above but in the expertise of her specialists. It’s thanks to them that she’s been able to select the right diet, physical exercises, and even procedures. By the way, how do you take care of your appearance?

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