«This is an offensive behavior»: Brad Pitt angered Angelina Jolie with a new demand

The legal battle between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt is heating up. In the fight over their once shared winery, the former spouses are sparing no effort.

Recently, Angelina Jolie’s lawyers provided the court with evidence that Brad Pitt had raised his hand against her long before the famous incident on the plane. In response, the actor demanded that his ex-wife produce confidentiality agreements signed by her assistants.

According to Pitt, the information they are withholding would shed light on the situation. However, Jolie’s side is vehemently against it. «Forcing her to spend time and resources collecting and providing all of this documentation is wasteful and unreasonable. This is an offensive behavior by Pitt towards Jolie. The court should not allow this,» Angelina’s lawyers were quoted by Page Six.

Recall that in recent times, many new details have emerged in the artists’ conflict. Brad Pitt, for example, abandoned his main condition — equal custody of the children. After this, the star’s eldest daughter, Shiloh, expressed a desire to move in with her father immediately after reaching adulthood. This will happen in May. In addition, Angelina’s lawyers promised to disclose information about how Brad subjected Angelina to physical violence.

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