Kanye West’s former girlfriend, Julia Fox, confessed that her relationship with the rapper left her with a ‘sour taste’ in her mouth

Kanye West’s former girlfriend, actress and model Julia Fox, admitted that her romance with the rapper left her with a ‘sour aftertaste.’

In an interview with InStyle, she revealed that during that period, she felt like she lost herself as a person, which is why she doesn’t even want to think about relationships with anyone ‘in this sphere’ anymore.

‘Because I never want to be called just someone’s girlfriend. I know that I’m more than that,’ said the 34-year-old Fox. ‘And I see that happening a lot with women in this industry. They are only as good as their partner is, they can make a whole career being with some guy.’

‘…I want to break that stereotype, I just want to stand on my own two feet and not need a man’s support,’ she shared.

However, after breaking up with Kanye, the actress held a different opinion. In a conversation with ‘Entertainment Tonight,’ she claimed that her romance with him was ‘the best thing that could have happened’ to her. ‘It kind of brought back this spark in my life that I kind of forgot about,’ she said at the time.

Fox dated the 46-year-old founder of Yeezy for about six weeks in 2021 and 2022 amid his divorce from his former wife Kim Kardashian. After the breakup, she admitted that there was ‘no’ sex in their romance because ‘it wasn’t really about that.’

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