Sylvester Stallone is writing memoirs.

Sylvester Stallone is writing memoirs. The book, titled «Steps,» is inspired by his iconic character Rocky, who ascends the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art in the training segment of the 1976 film, according to Page Six.

It’s claimed that the book will be similar to his good friend Arnold Schwarzenegger’s book «Total Recall.» The book is expected to hit shelves in 2025.

«The memoirs will offer readers not only exciting anecdotes from one of Hollywood’s biggest stars but also invaluable insights and practical wisdom that will inspire and resonate with future generations,» a source from the website said.

«The famous 72 steps in Philadelphia, depicted in the movie ‘Rocky,’ have become a symbol of resilience and determination and have inspired countless people. These memoirs will be the culmination of decades of reflection since a 12-year-old Sly sat on those steps and dreamed of becoming a hero.»

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