In Britney Spears’ circle, they claim that she is «completely non-functional» and on the brink of bankruptcy.

Britney Spears has deleted her Instagram account, and insiders claim she is «completely non-functional.»

The pop star’s Instagram account, which she regularly updated, disappeared just hours after she criticized her family.

TMZ reports that the singer’s friends have noted she is «completely non-functional» and claim she is in worse mental and financial shape than when she was under conservatorship.

According to them, the 41-year-old Britney suffers from «shocking and radical mood swings» and is becoming increasingly isolated. One source told the site that some believe she was better off under conservatorship, which ended in 2021.

Reportedly, Britney risks losing her $60 million fortune after spending over a million dollars on trips to French Polynesia and Hawaii, photos of which she shared on social media.

It is said she spends thousands on private jets and five-star resorts, and an insider claims, «she can’t afford it… she’s risking bankruptcy.»

In her final Instagram post before deleting her account, Britney criticized her family following a recent agreement with her father, Jamie Spears.

She made a bold statement by posting the cover of Jennette McCurdy’s book «I’m Glad My Mom Died.»

Meanwhile, another source told Access Hollywood that the story about her bankruptcy «is misleading and greatly exaggerated.»

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