Cristiano Ronaldo. A shining example of true friendship.

Cristiano Ronaldo once shared a story in an interview about his friendship with Alberto Fantrau:

«When people from the sports club came to us, they told me and Alberto that whoever scored more goals would be taken to the club and his:

We won that game 3-0. I scored the first goal with a lucky pass. Albert scored the second goal with a header, and the third goal stunned many. Alberto was one-on-one with the goalkeeper, gave me a pass, and all that was left was to score into an empty net. But he passed it to me, and I scored into an empty net. And I got into Sporting.

After the game, I approached Alberto and asked him why, and he replied: «Chris, you’re better than me, and you went.»

After the interview, journalists rushed to Alberto Fantrau’s home to find out if Ronaldo’s story was true. He said that his football career ended there, and now he is unemployed. And with pride, he replied: «I don’t know» — «All thanks to Cristiano.»

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